As Adisa, we focus on people in human management issues, blend our experience from practice with theory to companies; we design sustainable systems and models that overlap with their own dynamism and create trust; we are by your side in sharing our design competence throughout the entire process.

People management should be considered as an umbrella structure. While designing systems and applications that will ensure the effective functioning of this structure, from the perspective of employee experience; processes should be structured, implemented and communicated in the light of all findings regarding how people behave, feel, commitment and develop in the places they work.

From this point of view, although human management is seen as the responsible human resources units, it is the set of systems and practices in which all management teams and organizations must assume important responsibilities.

It should not be forgotten that; the people management system helps organizations to achieve corporate goals by providing a leverage effect to their leaders.

The most critical thing here is the adoption of an ambidextrous organizational structure, not only the management of today's human resources, but also planning and being ready for the future human resources management.


“When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home.” – Betty Bender

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