Non-Global Companies Cannot Survive

As Adisa, we took part in the October issue of TİMREPORT Magazine of the Turkish Exporters Assembly with an interview with Hüseyin Adanalı. You can find the interview text in the rest of the story.

First of all, would you introduce your company?

Adisa; was founded in 2001 to guide individuals, teams and organizations in their "real" development and transformation efforts. Adisa has 17-years history in the field of Management Consultancy and has a total of 30 employees with its offices in Istanbul (Center), Izmir and Bursa.

In addition, Adisa is a strategic partner with Pin Research, PSYTECH International and ENOCTA.

Can you tell us about your consultancy services that you have given to companies?

Adisa provides consultancy services in the fields of Strategy, Organization, Process, Human and Culture in line with the needs of the companies with experienced staff. Adisa, produces projects that are compatible with company strategies and targets by addressing the current needs and priorities of companies and provides a companion to the companies in the realization of these projects.

In other words, it becomes a partner of destiny in the journey of transformation and change of companies. Some of our services are;

  • Strategic Planning and Target Spread
  • Growth and Market-Oriented Sales and Marketing Plan Creation
  • Efficient and Strategy-Compliant Organizational Structure and Norm Staff Analysis
  • Blue Collar Organizational Structure, Norm Staff, Job Valuation and Wage System
  • Reducing Losses and Efficiency in Manufacturing and Service Processes
  • Creating Efficient and Sustainable Supply Chain 
  • Human Resources Systems Setup Based on Employer Promises
  • Talent Discovery, Holding and Retention
  • Evaluation and Development of Managers

What do you recommend to companies in terms of their success and competitiveness with the world? Is it possible for us to get pill information for our readers?

All our companies have to think globally. We need to know that we can't just make our strategic decisions through our entrepreneurial motives, and we need to make more rational approaches based on data. For this, we must put strategic planning at the heart of our business. We must be in a structure that feels and understands the market and envisages the development of the market. All our managers and employees should work with a control of their costs and focused on losses. And in doing all this, we should not forget that, human is our most important and constantly evolving value.

We see that you operate in three branches: Consultancy, Training Development and Research... Can we say that these activities are essential on the road to success?

These activities completed each other in terms of their structure. Through research, we reveal a number of needs and priorities in the company based on data. In the field of consultancy, we provide solutions and services based on research data that will lead the company to the desired goal. In the realization of these solution proposals, we create development plans and solutions in the name of human investment and sustainability of the organization.

Since you are one of the largest companies in Turkey in the field of management consultancy; (congratulations), can we say that you owe this success to teamwork?

As Adisa, we have a competent and large team with different expertise. Our team works away from the hierarchical structure, without a title and in harmony with each other like the gears of a machine. We attribute our success to being an effective and integrated team.

Finally, what you want to add...

As Adisa, we believe in production and service, also we think that non-global company cannot survive. That's why we mention, “Production and Service”. This can be made possible by transformation and continuous development. We would like to emphasize that, we are ready to work with the companies that share our claim with great pleasure and motivation.